Since 1994, Greenfield Technical Services has worked with more than 35 Local Governments in 50+ regional towns on 250+ projects covering much of regional and remote Western Australia. We bring more than two decades of local experience in the assessment, design, construction and upgrading of paved and unpaved roads.

Our consultancy services include Engineering Design, Project Management, Asset Management, Spatial Data Management and management of DRFAWA-funded projects. We know the terrain, we have the people, and we deliver the requirements that help Local Government and private sector businesses succeed.

Our Team

Civil Engineering & Design

Matt Barns - Senior Civil Engineer
Muhammad Shakeel - Civil Engineer

Project and Construction Management

Cheryl Bougourd - Senior Project Administrator
Sarah Ferguson - Project Administrator
Hayley Bremner - Project Administrator
Catherine Peachey - Project Administrator
Sonia Bir – Asset Manager

Management & Administration

Joshua Kirk - Principal Civil Engineer
Beth Kirk Bremner - Accounts Management & Administration
Shannon Dwyer - Organisational Development Manager
Sam Chaney - OHS Compliance Officer
Michelle Cassin - Administration Assistant

Site Inspectors / Quality Assurance Services

Jonathan Petrie - Site Inspector
Paul Baldwin - Site Inspector
Graham Farley- Site Inspector