Perenjori Cemetery Map Update – Shire of Perenjori (2023)

Greenfield has recently been involved in the preparation of a map for the Perenjori cemetery. The map is to show the extent of the cemetery with existing burial plots as well as an indicative location of proposed future burial plots.

Hastings Materials Identification and Assessment (2022)

Hastings Technology Metals involved Greenfield for identification of existing material sources for a proposed public haulage route comprising of 8 roads in the Shire of Upper Gascoyne, Shire of Carnarvon and Shire of Ashburton. Preliminary materials assessment works for upgrade of several roads as part of Yangibana Mine Development in the Shire of Upper Gascoyne. As part of the scope, Greenfield prepared a materials assessment report and produced maps associated with the haulage route and location of the sources.

Road Network Map Update – Shire of Perenjori (2022)

The scope comprised the preparation of individual road maps and a cumulative map showing the entire road network for Shire’s road network highlighting junction points on the map.

Yandanooka Northeast Rd Clearing Permit – Shire of Mingenew (2022)

As part of the scope of work, Greenfield assisted the Shire in producing maps and shapefile highlighting the extent of clearing area and amount of clearing required.