Visual Road Data Collection – RACAS


Greenfield is the only licensed distributor of RACAS system in Western Australia and has carried out data collection for various Local Governments across the State.

RACAS is a mobile visual road data collection tool that collects still high-definition images of roads at intervals of approx. 10-15m and allows the Client to view these images using the Virtual RACAS web-based platform. The HD images are captured even while driving at 100km/hr (where legally permitted and safe to do so).

Additionally, the camera also captures the surfacing type (sealed/unsealed), roughness (using IRI) and road width all of which can be visible to the end user (Client) via a web-based portal. The data can be used to complete defect logging of sealed and unsealed roads which will inform future works programs.

This cost-effective and reliable visual data help the Local Governments to document the current condition of their road networks and assist to form future road asset management strategies and capital and maintenance works program. It is also essential data that Local Governments need to capture in the event they need to prove the condition of road assets prior to a natural disaster and this data is frequently used by our Clients in DRFAWA works.

More information on RACAS can be found in our flyer here.

Road Asset Management


RAMM (ROMAN) Database Management & Road Asset Valuations.

Greenfield has extensive experience in managing RAMM (ROMAN) databases on behalf of Local Governments. Having an in-house subscription, Greenfield is able to provide the full suite of RAMM database services to Local Government databases from minor database updates through to full network physical inspections and pick-ups.

Road and Drainage Condition Assessment


Greenfield frequently completes sealed and unsealed road and drainage condition assessments. WALGA’s Road Visual Condition Assessment Manual and other relevant Austroads guidelines are typically used as the basis for our assessments but Client-specific requirements can also be used where applicable.