Greenfield is actively involved in managing the development and approval of TIS’s on behalf of developers for various developments across the State. Greenfield has worked with Main Roads WA, Local Governments, and various other stakeholders to fully assess the impact on development and develop mitigation strategies as required.
Some of the recent projects relating to traffic and transport engineering include:


Poynton Parade Traffic Impact Statement – Shire of Coorow (2023)

Greenfield’s scope comprised of client data review and preparation of a traffic impact statement that comprised of background study, existing configurations, proposed developments, changes to surrounding transport network and analysis of transport network.


Roberts Street Upgrade Engineering Consultancy Services – Shire of Dundas (2022)

Greenfield’s scope comprised road inspection report of segment of Roberts Street used to access Lot 3 including site inspection, identification of scope of upgrade works required to accommodate proposed vehicle movements, and identification of typical maintenance and upkeep requirements related to proposed upgrade works.


Prinsep Street Development  – Shire of Dundas (2022)

Greenfield’s scope comprised review of the provided “Traffic and Parking Report” in the context of the proposed development and providing feedback to the Shire specifically concerning the traffic movements and suitability of the proposed movements in the context of the existing road environment and the proposed facility.


Evaside Rd/Stephens Rd/Ross Rd Road Safety Audits – Shire of Morawa (2022)

Greenfield’s scope comprised Road Safety Audit (RSA) of the Evaside Rd / Stephens Rd / Ross Rd intersection and associated surrounding environment by Main Roads WA (MRWA) qualified Road Safety Auditors and preparation of an RSA report. It is also included preparation of an overall conceptual design giving consideration to the corrective actions within the RSA. Review and liaison with the Shire of the corrective actions from the RSA report in the context of the proposed conceptual design and preparation of a Blackspot Funding Application for the Planning and Design works.


Traffic Counter Installation and Maintenance – Shire of Perenjori (2022 - ongoing)

Greenfield is managing the Shire’s traffic counters. The scope comprises Programming, set up and installation of the Shire-provided traffic counters. There is ongoing maintenance of the traffic counters on as required basis (checking and repairing hoses, nail, clips) and downloading, storing and providing traffic data to the Shire.